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Worlds Within

Genre : Romance
Also known as : The World That They Live In
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World

This drama is about the process of a television drama producton. Jung Ji Oh is a charismatic drama PD whereas Joo Joon Young is a PD who is direct and confident.

Cast :

Hyun Bin as Jung Ji Oh (Director)
Song Hye Kyo as Joo Joon Young (Director)
Uhm Ki Joon as Song Gyu Ho (Director)
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Hae Jin (Rookie Actress)
Kim Gab Soo as Kim Min Chul (Drama Director)
Kim Chang Wan as Park Hyun Sup (Drama CP)
Choi Daniel as Yang Soo Kyung (Assistant Director)
Lee Da In as Kim Min Hee (Assistant Director)
Pan Yoo Geol as Chul Yi (Assistant Director)
Kim Yeo Jin as Lee Seo Woo (Drama scriptwriter)
Bae Jung Ok as Yoon Young (Actress)
Kim Ja Ok as Park Soo Jin (Actress)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Oh Min Suk (Actress)
Lee Ho Jae as (Actor)
Jung Suk Won as Yoo Chi Han (Actor)
Kim Young Kwang as Lee Jae Hwan (Actor)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Lee Joon Gi (Joon Young's ex-boyfriend)
Cha Soo Yun as Lee Yeon Hee (Ji Oh's ex-girlfriend)
Na Moon Hee as (Ji Oh's mother)
Nah Young Hee as (Joon Young's mother)

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Worlds Within OST or OST or OST
01 Lalala…Love Song (Scat Song) - 전유림
02 처음부터 너야 - 김조한
03 연연 - 성시경
04 눈물아 슬픔아 - Soya
05 술래잡기 - 나윤권
06 Lalala…Love song - As One
07 사랑일까요 - Soya
08 Ready action (Instrument) - string arr.류영민 rhythm arr.
DJ EON (porterble groove 09) PIANO 김형석(pd.k)
09 Love theme (Instrument) - string arr.류영민
10 준영 theme (Instrument) - string arr.류영민
11 처음부터 너야 (MR) - 김형석(PD.k)
12 연연 (MR) - 김형석(PD.k)


01. Lalala…Love Song (Scat Song) - Jun Yoo Rim
02. It was you all along - Kim Jo Han
03. Love Love - Sung Shi Kyung
04. Oh, tears.. Oh, sadness - Soya
05. Playing hide-and-seek - Na Yoon Kwon
06. Lalala…Love Song - As One
07. It will be love - Soya
08. Ready Action (Inst.)
09. Love Theme (Inst.)
10. Jun Young’s Theme (Inst.)
11. You from the begining (Inst.)
12. Love Love (Inst.)

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I Really Really Like You

Genre : Romance
Also known as : Love Truly
Episodes : 34
Aired in Indonesia : not yet (DVD only)

Yeo Bong Soon leaves her mountain village and comes to Seoul to live and look for her parents after her foster 'grandmother' passes away. She finds a job as an assistant cook at the President's Blue House canteen and later, in the Blue House kitchen. She falls for Jang Joon Won, the President's son, a highly intellectual doctor; however, he is married with a five-year-old daughter. His wife is suffering from dementia. As Bong Soon finds herself falling in love with Joon Won, a love triangle builds up when Bong Ki, the President's family's bodyguard, starts to fall for the hillbilly Bong Soon! The drama explores about how Bong Ki gets in touch with his own feelings and how Bong Song's generosity makes the men fall for her.

Cast :

Eugene as Yuh Bong Soon (Birth name is Yeo Yoon He, 25)
Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Ki (Bodyguard, 28)
Ryu Jin as Dr. Jang Joon Won (President's son, 31)

Bong Soon's family :
Geum Bo Ra as Lee Han Suk (Bong Soon's mother, 47)
Shin Min Hee as Geum Soo Kyung (19)
Lee Sang Kil as Jo Hyun Joon (9)

Bong Ki's family and colleagues :
Jang Yong as Nam Dae Shik (Bong Ki's father, 61)
Yoon Seung Won as Lee Sang Jik (Director Lee, in charge of security for the President, 48)
Yoo Tae Joon as Kim Joo Yup ( Bodyguard nicknamed Robocop, 28
Yoon Ji Hoo as Kang Moon Shik (Bodyguard: Bong Ki and Robocop's friend, 28)

Presidential family :
Choi Bool Am as Jang Min Ho (The President, 59)
Kim Hye Ok as Oh Young Sil (Joon Won's mother, 53)
Jung So Young as Go Ji Soo (Joon Won's wife, 31)
Jung Da Bin as Jang Hyo Won (Joon Won's daughter, 4)

Staff people :
Kwon Ki Sun as Ma Ok Hee (47)
Lee Young Ja as Song Un Joo (39)
Ahn Hye Kyung as Noh Jin Kyung (Nutritionist in charge of the canteen, 29)
Kim Chang Wan as Kang San (50)
Kim Gook Jin as Ki Hyung Do (35)
Kang In Duk as Bang Pil Do (59)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Goo Hyang Sook (55)

Others :
Kim Hee Jung as Soo Jung
Kim Hyung Bum

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OST I Really Really Like You

01 좋아해 (유진, Mr. Burn)
02 女봉순 男봉기
03 캔디처럼(유진)
04 진짜진짜 좋아해(혜은이)
05 빗길
06 눈물이 하는 말 (마현권)
07 진짜진짜 좋아해(Rock버전) (이정렬)
08 개울
09 자꾸자꾸 (G-Fu)
10 언덕
11 정선아리랑 (유진/ 이용이)
12 꽃분
13 진짜진짜 좋아해
14 캔디처럼
15 꿈
16 자꾸자꾸 (Waltz 버전)
17 진달래


01. Joh Ah Hae - Eugene, Mr Burn
02. Yuh Bong Soon Nam Bong Ki
03. Candy Chuh Rum - Eugene
04. Jin Jja Jin Jja Joh Ah Hae - Hye Euni
05. Bit Gil
06. Noon Mool Ee Ha Neun Mal - Ma Hyun Kwon
07. Jin Jja Jin Jja Joh Ah Hae (Rock Version) - Lee Jung Yul
08. Gae Ool
09. Ja Ggoo Ja Ggoo - G-fu
10. Uhn Duk
11. Jung Sun Arirang - Eugene, Lee Yong Yi
12. Ggot Boon
13. Jin Jja Jin Jja Joh Ah Hae
14. Candy Chuh Rum (Reprise)
15. Ggoom
16. Ja Ggoo Ja Ggoo (Waltz Version)
17. Jin Dal Rae

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Genre : Romance
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World

It's a love story between the disobedient student Kang-wook and his teacher Yool-ju set in a high school in Chuncheon.

Before meeting Kang-wook, Yool-ju has been dating Tae-hyeon, a public prosecutor. But over time Yool-ju and Kang-wook fall deeply in love with each other despite social prejudices, the age gap and the teacher-student relation. One day, Yool-ju accidentally kills Kang-wook's classmate who intentionally harasses Kang-wook. But due to narcolepsy, Yool-ju doesn't remember what has happened, as she falls asleep during the incident. To protect her, Kang-wook goes to jail in place of Yool-ju.

Five years later, when Kang-wook is released from prison, he meets with Yool-ju again, but Yool-ju is engaged to Tae-hyeon. Learning what sacrifice he has made for her, Yool-ju wants to return to Kang-wook, but this time Kang-wook is not alone -- Ja-kyung, his former classmate and currently a radio program host, is beside him. The circumstances hamper Yool-ju from loving Kang-wook, but she is desperate to help him recover the lost five years and become a top-notch cook.

Cast :

Kang Ta as Suh Kang Wook
Kim Min Sun as Lee Yool Joo
Lee Sun Kyoon as Kim Tae Hyeon
Yoo In Young as Yoon Ja Kyung
Kang In Hyung as Jung Ho Tae
Jung Hye Sun as Jo In Ja (Kang Wook’s grandmother)
Yang Geum Suk as Park Soo Jin (Tae Hyun’s mother)
Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Soo Bong (Tae Hyun’s father)
Lee Hae Sook as Im Young Ae (Yool Joo’s mother)
Lee Kyung Pyo as Cha Hwa Young (Ja Kyung’s mother)
Park Hyo Joon as Park Kyung Oh
Jung Eun Pyo as Han Young Gil

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OST Loveholic

01 . Always (이현섭)
02 . Love Holic
03 . 난 이미 시작됐어요
04 . 후애(After Love)
05 . 8월(Summer Holic)
06 . 10월(시간이 눈물을 따라 흐르네)
07 . 오토키레 렌마위몬
08 . 사랑하니까... (Loveholic(러브홀릭))
09 . 12월(둘만의축제)
10 . 2월(Winter, Again)
11 . 다시 살아도
12 . 4월(봄은 돌아왔는데)
13 . Butterfly Effect
14 . Always (Acoustic Version)
15 . 처음부터 난
16 . 사랑독------선미
17 . 솔베이지의 추억
18 . Always(Instrumental)


01. Always - Lee Hyun Sup
02. Love Holic - Choi Chul Ho
03. nan ee mi shi jak dwaet suh yo - Lee Ji Yong
04. hoo ae (After Love) - Jo Jang Hyuk
05. 8 wol - Summer Holic - Choi Chul Ho
06. 10 wol - shi gan ee noon mool eul dda ra heu reu ne - Choi Chul Ho
07. otokire renmawimon - Edvard Hagerup Grieg
08. sarang ha ni gga - Loveholic
09. 12 wol - dool man eh chook je - Yang Jung Woo
10. 2 wol - Winter, Again - Choi Chul Ho
11. da shi sal ah do - The One
12. 4 wol - bom eun dol ah wat neun de - Choi Chul Ho
13. Butterfly Effect - Lee Ji Yong
14. Always (Acoustic Ver.) - Choi Chul Ho
15. chuh eum boo tuh nan - Choi Chul Ho
16. sarang dok - Sun Mi
17. solveig eh choo uk - Edvard Hagerup Grieg
18. Always (Inst.) - Choi Chul Ho

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kimcheed Radish Cubes

Genre : Romance, Family
Also known as : Ggak-du-gi
Episodes : 44
Aired in Indonesia : not yet (DVD only)

Even though times change and our relationships with our family changes, our affection for them is timeless. The drama is about affection that is the foundation of family. Dong Jin is the eldest son in a family of 3 sons. He is dutiful and responsible but due to character clash, he has gone through divorce with his ex-wife, Ji Hye, whom he shares a child with. Dong Jin then starts a new romance with Eun Ho whom he works with.

Cast :

Kim Seung Soo as Jung Dong Jin
Yoo Ho Jung as Yoo Eun Ho
Kim Bo Kyung as Seo Ji Hye
Park Shin Hye as Jang Sa Ya
Joo Sang Wook as Park Jae Woo (Soo Nam’s son)
Kim Heung Soo as Jung Dong Sik (Han Mo’s 2nd son)
Suh Joon Young as Jung Dong Min (Han Mo’s 3rd son)
Lee Min Jung as Lee Min Do (Min Ki’s sister)
Kim Se Yoon as Jung Han Mo (Dong Jin’s father)
Go Doo Shim as Baek Geum Hee (Sa Ya’s adopted mother / Dong Jin’s step-mom)
Na Mun Hee as Na Dal Lae (Dong Jin’s grandmother)
Seo In Seok as Lee Seung Yong (Min Ki’s dad)
Kim Ja Ok as Choi Ji Sook (Min Ki’s mom)
Choi Ran as Song Soo Nam
Park Jung Sook as Park Jae Young (Min Ki’s wife)
Kim Jung Hak as Lee Min Ki
Kim Sung Kyum as Jung Gu Man (grandfather)
Hwang Sang Beom as Sa Ya’s biological father

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jumong - Prince of The Legend

Genre : Historical
Also known as : The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong
Episodes : 81
Aired in Indonesia : not yet (DVD only)

Gojoseon has fallen to the Han Empire of China. All that is left are separate city-states that have no choice but to appease the Han Empire. In the series, the Han are portrayed as cruel, taking refugees prisoner and demonstrating their new iron weapons on them.

Hae Mosu, a legendary soldier, joins forces with Geumwa, the crown prince of Buyeo, in order to counter Han savagery, creating the Damulgun, (Damul army) a band of soldiers who defend Gojoseon refugees. Hae Mosu is injured after a skirmish against Han soldiers, and floats down a river, half alive. The princess of the Haebaek tribe finds him and nurses him back to health. The two start a relationship. However, the Han are looking for Hae Mosu, and discovering that the man the princess was sheltering looked like (and was) Hae Mosu, they raze the tribe to the ground. Hae Mosu escapes just in time and travels until he meets a caravan from the tribe of Gyeh-Ru. The head merchant, who is also the ruler of the Gyeh-Ru tribe, offers Hae Mosu a job within the caravan, not knowing who the man is. The ruler, Yeon Ta-Bal, tells Hae Mosu to join him in his tent, and they introduce each other and share a conversation. News of the Haebaek tribe pops up in the middle of the conversation, and seeing the shocked look on his guest's face, Yeon Ta-Bal begins to suspect that his guest is Hae Mosu himself. The next day, the caravan travels but stops when they hear that Yeon's wife has gone into labor. They set up camp and So Seo-No is born and protected, as Hae Mosu defends the trade caravan against a band of thieves, reinforcing Yeon's assumption. Yeon's caravan has trading rights with the Han Dynasty itself, so Yeon knows of Hae Mosu's escape, and of the great reward for his capture. At this point, he is fully convinced that his guest is Hae Mosu. Yeon decides not to turn Hae Mo-su in, because he had protected his caravan and his daughter from harm.

Hae Mosu returns to Geumwa, and they resume the skirmishes. However, as the Damulgun progress in their objective to free all refugees, the Han disguise their soldiers as fake refugees, whom the Damulgun attempt to rescue. Ambushed by the fake refugees and "ironclad cavalry," the Damulgun with him are killed, and he is captured. Hae Mosu is subsequently tortured and blinded by the Han.

Geumwa frees Hae Mosu, who, though blind, is able to ride a horse. Due to his blindness however, he and Geumwa get separated while fleeing from the Han forces in pursuit. Geumwa believes he ultimately fails in his task to save Hae Mosu, who Geumwa sees, trapped upon a chateau, shot with arrows and presumably falling dead into the river.

The Haebaek princess has Hae Mosu's child. She goes to the Crown Prince of Buyeo after bearing her son, Jumong. He becomes a prince of Buyeo (after the enthronement of the Crown Prince) and she a Royal Concubine upon the new Emperor's insistence.

The series then flashes twenty years into the future, where the majority of the story takes place. Having grown up being overshadowed by Geumwa's two sons Daeso and Youngpo, Jumong has grown into a weak and cowardly prince with a talent at womanizing. Yoohwa decides that she has had enough, and arranges for Jumong to begin training in swordsmanship and the martial arts. The man that trains Jumong is the chief jailor of an underground prison, and Jumong begins train there. Within a few episodes however, Jumong causes major trouble. First he womanizes a royal priestess, causing her to be kicked out of the palace. After that, he accidentally starts a fire in the Buyeo blacksmith workshop, exposing its existence to the wary Han nation and bringing major dishonor to Buyeo. Following these two events, he is stripped of his title as a prince and is expelled from the palace. His expulsion does little to staunch the rivalry between him and his two brothers, who send assassins to tail and kill him.

While wondering around Buyeo with nowhere to go, he encounters three common robbers named Oh-yi, Ma-ri and Hyup-bo, who disrespect and beat him up at first, but decide to serve and treat him as an older brother once they learn his true identity. He also runs into a now twenty-one year old Soseono, Yeon Ta-Bal's daughter, and establishes a relationship with the Gyeh-Ru trading clan.

Jumong also encounters a mysterious old man in the prison that he used to train in, who tells him that he used to be part of the Damulgun. Though Jumong does not know this, the old man is actually Hae Mosu, his father. After narrowly escaping the prison together after Daeso and Youngpo attempt to assassinate them, Hae Mosu trains Jumong to become an even better fighter as well as an archer, and a strong master-student bond grows between them. Hae Mosu is assassinated by Daeso and Youngpo while Jumong is away however, and Jumong does not realize the old man's true identity until well afterwards, upon which he swears to complete the work that his father could not. Seeing that Jumong has finally become the worthy successor to Hae Mosu that he had always envisioned, Geumwa allows Jumong to return to the palace.

Meanwhile, intense rivalry breaks out between Daeso and Youngpo, who are both vieing to become the Crown Prince. Youngpo brashly makes an attempt on Daeso's life, but Jumong saves Daeso and earns his trust. Jumong uses this against Daeso, and with the help of his three lieutenants, commandeers a group of refugees that were to be sent as slaves to the Han nation, and establishes his own settlement in the mountains. Jumong names this new settlement the Damulgun, symbolic of is revival. Over the next three years, the new Damulgun (led by Jumong) and Gyeh-Ru (led by Soseono) cooperate to unite the nearby settlements under one banner. Through many struggles with Daeso, Youngpo, Buyeo and the Han nation, the kingdom of Goguryeo is finally established. Jumong becomes the nation's first king; Soseono its queen.

Cast :

Song Il Gook as Ju-Mong
Han Hye Jin as Soseono
Kim Seung Soo as Prince Dae-So
Hu Joon Ho as Hae Mo-Su
Oh Yun Soo as Lady Yoo-Hwa
Kyun Mi Ri as Queen Wan Hoo
Jun Kwang Ryul as King Geum-Wa
Song Ji Hyo as Ye So Ya (Jumong’s wife)
Park Tam Hee as Yang Seol Ran
Bae Soo Bin as Sayong
Im Dae Ho as Hyoppo
Ahn Jung Hoon as Mari
Yeo Ho Min as Oi
Jung Ho Bin as Woo Tae
Jung Han Hun as Woo Tae’s father
Lee Kye In as Mo Pal Mo
Park Nam Hyun as Na Ro (Dae So’s loyal subject)
Lee Sang Yi
Jin Hee Kyung as Yeo Mi Eul (the sorceress)
Lee Jae Yong as Boo Deuk Bool
Kwon Eun Ah as Mau Ryung (sorceress from Wan Hoo’s clan)
Won Ki Joon as Prince Young Po
Kim Byung Gi as Chief Yuntabal (Soh Suh No’s father)
Im So Young as Bu Young
Ha Yong Jin
Ahn Yong Joon as Yuri
Kim Suk as Ohnjo
Yoon Dong Hwan as Yang-jung
Kim Min Chan as Muk-geo
Kang Eun Tak as Chan-soo
Jang Hyo Jin
Lee Won Jae

Official Site

Jumong Part 1 OST or OST 1

01 . 주몽 Main Theme
02 . 하늘이여, 제발 - 인순이
03 . 천애[天愛] - 지경
04 . 약속 - 이성욱,한지원
05 . 처음 그 때처럼 - 임태경
06 . 운명의 칼
07 . 사모
08 . 피의 전장
09 . 해모수 Theme
10 . 추적
11 . 백일몽[白日夢]
12 . 철기군의 습격
13 . 어둠의 늪
14 . 결투
15 . 왕자의 여정
16 . 슬픈운명
17 . 난생신화
18 . 개벽
19 . Heaven
20 . 주몽 Ending Theme


01. Joo Mong (Main Theme)
02. Ha Neul Ee Yuh Je Bal - Insooni
03. Chun Ae - Ji Kyung
04. Yak Sok - Lee Sung Wook, Han Ji Won
05. Chuh Eum Chuh Rum - Lim Tae Kyung
06. Oon Myung Eh Kal
07. Sa Mo
08. Pi Eh Jun Jang
09. Hae Mo Soo Theme
10. Choo Juk
11. Baek Il Mong
12. Chul Gi Goon Eh Seub Gyuk
13. Uh Doom Eh Neup
14. Gyul Too
15. Wang Ja Eh Yuh Jung
16. Seul Peun Oon Myung
17. Nan Saeng Shin Hwa
18. Gae Byuk
19. Heaven
20. Joo Mong (Ending Theme)

Jumong Part 2 OST or OST 2

01 . 사랑의 기억
02 . 영원한 빛
03 . 세상이 나를 오라 하네
04 . 악몽
05 . 영웅의 부활
06 . 사랑의 기억 (Piano Version)
07 . Hero
08 . 미지의 땅
09 . 풍운
10 . 암투
11 . 비밀
12 . 다물군의 후예
13 . 비련
14 . 파란의 세월
15 . 위대한 전설
16 . 음모
17 . 폭풍
18 . 비망록
19 . 사랑의 기억 (MR)
20 . 주몽 Ending Titlle (대사)


01. SarangUi Gieok ("Memories of Love") - Jo Su Mi, Kuramoto Yuki
02. Yeongwonhan Bit ("Eternal Light")
03. SesangI NaReul Ora Hane ("The World Calls Me") - In Soon I
04. Akmong ("Nightmare")
05. YeongungUi Buhwal ("Rebirth of the Hero")
06. SarangUi Gieok ("Memories of Love") - Piano Version
07. Hero
08. MijiUi Ddang ("Unknown Land")
09. Pungun ("Whirlwind")
10. Amtu ("Secret Strife")
11. Bimil ("Secret")
12. DamulGunUi Huye ("Damul Army's Offspring")
13. Biryeon ("Tragic Love")
14. ParanUi Sewol ("Stormy Period")
15. Widehan Jeonseol ("Great Legend")
16. Eummo ("Conspiracy")
17. Pokpung ("Storm")
18. BimangRok ("Memorandum")
19. SarangUi Gieok ("Memories of Love") - Instrumental
20. Ju Mong - Ending Title (Dialogue)


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Wonderful Life

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : Indosiar, Monday-Friday 16.30-17.30 WIB (already finish)

Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bumps into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other's passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end up spending the day together. Both having to deal with love complications, they end up drunk and having a one night stand. Back in Korea, Se Jin discovers she is pregnant and leaves to have the baby alone. A year later, Se Jin's clueless sister ends up spilling the secret to Seung-Wan at his engagement party, showing up with his baby daughter. Seung-wan and Se Jin are then forced to marry by their respective families. Complicated love takes place between Do Hyun, Se Jin, Chae Young and Seung-Wan.
These young and inexperienced parents will show you what true love really means and how they become more mature by overcoming life’s difficulties together and how they complete their love.
The rest of the story revolves around the family's journey in learning to take responsibility, and learning to love each other.

Cast :

Kim Jae Won as Han Seung-wan
Eugene as Jung Se-jin
Lee Ji Hoon as Min Do-hyun
Han Eun Jung as Lee Chae-young
Joo Hyun as Han Bum-soo (Seung-wan’s father)
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Yoon Tae-hee (Seung-wan’s mother)
Kim Hye Ok as Pyo Jae-kyung (Se-jin’s mother)
Choi Joon Yong as Han Seung-pil (Seung-wan’s older brother)
Yoon Hyun Sook as Baek Hyun-joo (Seung-pil’s wife)
Kim Hyo Jin as Jung Il-jin (Se-jin’s older sister)
Kim Seung Min as So Chang-myung (Seung-wan & Do-hyun’s flying school classmate)
Jung Da Bin as Han Shin-bi (Seung-wan and Se-jin’s daughter)

Official Site

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Wonderful Life OST

01 . 바보 - 박혜경
02 . 조각 - LOVEHOLIC(러브홀릭)
03 . 우리끼리 얘기지만 - Cindy
04 . Oh! My Daring - 강지우
05 . 너라는 걸 - 기후
06 . 바보 (Folk Style) - Marry-M
07 . To be with you - 박채원
08 . 조각 (Classic Style) - LOVEHOLIC(러브홀릭)
09 . 우리끼리 얘기지만 - 정재환
10 . 가나요 - 이윤종
11 . 상상 - 기후
12 . 행복하라는 그말 - 기후 & Cindy


01. babo - Park Hye Kyung
02. jo gak - Ji Sun (Loveholic)
03. woo ri ggi ri yae gi ji man - Cindy
04. Oh! My Darling - Seo Ji Woo
05. nuh ra neun gul - Gi Hoo
06. babo (Folk Style) - Marry-M
07. To Be With You - Park Chae Won
08. jo gak (Classic Style) - Ji Sun (Loveholic)
09. woo ri ggi ri yae gi ji man - Jung Jae Hwan
10. ga na yo - Lee Yoon Jong
11. sang sang - Gi Hoo
12. haeng bok ha ra neun geu mal - Gi Hoo, Cindy

Goong S

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as : Prince Hours, Palace S, Imperial Household S, Goong Spesial
Episodes : 20
Aired in Indonesia : Indosiar, Monday-Friday 15.30-16.30 WIB (already finish)

The Empress (Myung Se Bin) is in her early 30s, but she is still not married. Since, the 1st successor to the throne died, the royal family is in search for a new successor. Incidentally, they come to know of a young man who was in fact a son of the prince to a woman who left the Palace for her to be able to keep her pregnancy a secret. The young man's name was Lee Hoo (Se7en), more commonly known to his friends as Kang Hoo. Lee Hoo worked as a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and was known for his 7-minute maximum delivery time. Lee Hoo had been brought up as more of a punk than a prince so his habits and his way of conversing were very different from the people of royal blood. Although he had never dreamt of living in the Palace, he one day finds himself immersing himself in its grandeur and improving himself to prove that he indeed deserves to be called the Successor to the throne.

He soon finds out that not only will he be facing lessons to the path of royalty, and dilemmas of love and of stature, but he will also learn to compete for the position he had been, first and foremostly, called for.

Cast :

Se7en as Lee Hoo
Heo Yi Jae as Yang Soon Ae
Park Shin Hye as Shin Sae Ryung
Kang Doo as Lee Joon
Myung Se Bin as the Queen
Lee Gi Young as Jo Sang Ki
Oh Min Hee as the Queen’s mother
Yoon Ye Hee as Jang Yoon Hee (Lee Joon’s mother)
Ha Jae Young as Lee Hoo’s and Queen’s uncle
Cha Hyun Jung as Lee Joon’s bodyguard
Ye Soo Jung as person in charge of Lee Hoo’s education
Song Baek Kyung as Bulbam

Official Site

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Goong S/Prince Hours OST or OST

1. 궁S
2. Miracle - 하울 (HowL)
3. 전하지 못할 말 - J(제이)
4. 나무 - (A&P)
5. Remember (Drama Ver.) - DBSK(동방신기)
6. 너와 함께 - Vanilla Unity(바닐라 유니티)
7. Super Bike(Drama Ver.) - Yellow Tail
8. 사랑바라기 - Sorea(소리아)
9. 좋아좋아( Drama Ver.) - Vanilla Unity(바닐라 유니티)
10. Miracle Ballad (Orc. Version)
11. 화인
12. Who?
13. 경복궁 Jig
14. Secret Waltz
15. 풍래군상억
16. 궁 이야기
17. Secret Waltz (With Strings)
18. 밖으로 닫힌 창
19. 구름 같은 세상
20. Miracle (Happy Run Version)


01. goong s - 2nd Moon
02. Miracle - HowL
03. jun ha ji mot hal mal - J
04. na moo - A&P
05. Remember (Drama Ver.) - Dong Bang Shin Ki
06. nuh wa ham gge - Vanilla Unity
07. Super Bike (Drama Ver.) - Yellow Tail
08. sarang ba ra gi - Sorea
09. joh ah joh ah (Drama Ver.) - Vanilla Unity
10. Miracle Ballad (Orc. Version)
11. hwa in - 2nd Moon
12. Who? - 2nd Moon
13. kyung bok goong Jig - 2nd Moon
14. Secret Waltz - 2nd Moon
15. poong rae goon sang uk - 2nd Moon
16. goong ee ya gi - 2nd Moon
17. Secret Waltz (With Strings) - 2nd Moon
18. bakk eu ro dad chin chang - 2nd Moon
19. goo reum gat eun se sang - 2nd Moon
20. Miracle (Happy Run Version) - 2nd Moon

Extras :
1. Goong S - Se7en's Ringtone - 01. Oppa! Did you order jajangmyun
2. Goong S - Se7en's Ringtone - 02. Oppa! Did you order jajangmyun (Sexy Ver.)
3. Goong S - Se7en's Ringtone - 03. Assa!
4. Spring (Infinity of Sound - The trio that played in Episode 5)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Precious You

Genre : Romance
Also known as : My Precious Child, My Beloved Children
Episodes : 50
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World, Saturday-Sunday 18.00-19.00 (already finished)

After their parents’ divorce, Jang In Ho took care of her younger brother, Shin Ho. In Ho is a radio PD who meets a man with the same first name as her. Lee In Ho is talented singer and composer and is also divorced. He has a dark past as his father committed suicide after his business failure. When they first meet, they don’t get along with each other but as time passes, they begin to fall for each other.

Cast :

Kim Sung Soo as Jeon Seol / Lee In Ho
Lee Tae Ran as Jang In Ho
Ji Hyun Woo as Jang Shin Ho
Song Joong Ki as Jang Jin Ho
Park In Hwan as Jang Il Nam (In Ho, Shin Ho & Jin Ho’s father)
Yoo In Young as Baek Se Ra
Park Joon Gyu as Baek Joon Shik (Jae Ra & Se Ra’s father)
Park Hae Mi as Nam Joo Ri (Jae Ra & Se Ra’s mother)
Hong Soo Ah as Baek Jae Ra
Hong Ah Reum as Kim Bo Ri
Na Moon Hee as Song In Soon (Il Nam’s ex-wife)
Kim Tae Ho as Ha Dong Woo / Alex
Yoon Hae Young as Park Jem Ma
Choi Soo Rin as Seo Young Joo
Shin Ki Joon as Lee Eun Woo
Kim Soo Jung as Lee Ji Woo
Kim Sang Ho as Kang Min
Choi Yoon So as Han Yoo Jin

Official Site

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My Precious You OST or OST or OST or OST or OST
1 한걸음 더 너에게 - 로빈(roVin)
2 나는 운이 좋았어 (With 김미희) - 김현철
3 너만 있으면 괜찮아 (인호 테마) - 노을
4 태양의 눈물 (전설테마) - 이길상

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh! Feel Young

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as : Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young, Feel So Young
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World, Saturday 09.00-13.30 WIB (marathon)

Oh Pil Seung is a free-spirited, but somewhat lazy regular joe who suddenly finds himself heir apparent to a top-level logistics company! With rivals and detractors simply waiting for him to foul up, will Pil Seung be able to rise to the challenge? Or will white-collar intellectuals and their snobby ways force this blue-collar everyman out?

Cast :

Ahn Jae Wook as Oh Pil-seung
Chae Rim as Bong Soon-young
Ryu Jin as Yoon Jae-woong
Park Sun Young as Noh Yoo-jung (Pil-seung’s assistant)
Choo Ja Hyun as Huh Song-ja
Moon Chun Sik as Bong Jin-pyo (Soon-young’s brother)
Yeo Woon Kye as Chairwoman Shin (Pil-seung’s grandmother)
Jang Yong as Mr. Yoon (Jae-woong’s father)
Lee Jung Kil as Bong Chang-soo (Soon-young’s father)
Kim Hae Sook as Park Ok-ja (Soon-young’s mother)
Yoon Sung Hoon as Suh Young-suk (Pil-seung’s chauffeur)

Official Site

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Oh! Feel Young OST
01 . 180rpm ~ The Theme Of '오!필승 봉순영' [Instrument]
02 . 멋대로 맘대로
03 . Epilogue ~ [女]
04 . 나만의 것
05 . 내가 더 사랑할께 (행복한 이유)
06 . 헤어지자는...거짓말
07 . Only U
08 . 나만의 것 [Instrument]
09 . The Way Of Life
10 . 난 왜
11 . Epilogue ~ [男]


01. 180 RPM (The Theme of 'Oh! Pil Seung Bong Soon Young')
02. mut dae ro mam dae ro - Kim Gil Joong
03. Epilogue (Pil Seung's Version) - Kim Yun Woo
04. na man eh gut - Kim Ki Won
05. haeng bok han ee yoo - Oh Suk Joon
06. he uh ji ja neun... guh jit mal - Kim Yun Woo
07. Only U - Jo Sung Min
08. na man eh gut (Instrumental Feat. Son Moo Hyun)
09. The Way of Life - Oh Suk Joon
10. nan wae - Jang Hee Young
11. Epilogue (Original Version)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet 18

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as : Little Bride, 18 Year Old Bride, Eighteen and In Love
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : ANTV (already finish)

The concept of an arranged marriage is often difficult to accept, especially amongst less traditional adolescents today. Sweet 18 (Nang Rang 18 Seh) covers this very premise and the story begins when Kwon Hyuk-joon’s grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson (Lee Dong Gun) and Yoon Jung-sook (Han Ji Hye) when Yoon Jung-sook is born. 18 years later, the two families lose contact because soon after the contract is signed, Jung-sook’s family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away.

Meanwhile, Jung-sook has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who just wants to live her life as she sees fit. With little aspirations, she is the direct foil of her achievement-bound counterpart, Hyuk-joon. When the two meet each other, they clash horribly; Jung-sook thinks her fiancee is nothing but boring, and Hyuk-joon believes Jung-sook to be nothing but an immature child. The rest of the series follows their life living together as a couple, and the obstacles they are faced with. When Hyuk-joon’s first love reappears and wants to claim Hyuk-joon for herself (despite the fact that he’s married), who will Hyuk-joon choose? His first love Ga-young, or immature spunky Jung-sook?

Cast :
Han Ji Hye as Yoon Jung-Sook
Lee Dong Gun as Kwon Hyuk-Joon
Lee Da Hae as Moon Ga-Young (Hyuk Joon’s ex-girlfriend)
Lee Joon as Jee Chul-Reum
Yoo Hye Jung as Kwon Sun-Ah (Hyuk Joon’s elder sister)
Park Hyung Jae as Jung Chan (Hyuk Joon’s colleague and best friend)
Lee Soon Jae as Hyuk-Joon’s grandfather
Kim Hae Sook as Jung-Sook’s mother
Jung Kyung Ho as Jung-Sook’s blind date
On Jo as Jung-Sook's friend
Bi Ryu as Jung-Sook's friend

Official Site

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Sweet 18 OST
01. nang rang 18 seh Title - Han Do Young
02. fantasy love
03. nae jak eun sarang - Han Do Young
04. love Theme
05. so poong (Acapella)
06. laila - Lim Ha Young
07. pol ra ri yo pol ra ra ee (Tango)
08. so jjuk goong Fun Song
09. love Theme 2
10. agape - The The
11. cha cha cha Rock & Roll
12. jang mit bit eum mo
13. Be Mind... - Oh Ji Yun, Lee Jin Gyu, Lee Young Joon
14. hal ah buh ji boon no
15. 007 love
16. gi da rim (Chorus)
17. love Theme 3
18. pol ra ri yo pol ra ra ee (Reggae)
19. fantasy love 2
20. nae jak eun sarang (Humming)
21. so jjuk goong (Korean Classical Music Version)
22. nang rang 18 seh End Title

Summer Scent

Genre : Romance
Also known as : Summer Breeze, Scent of the Summer, Summer Fragrant
Episodes : 20
Aired in Indonesia : Indosiar, Monday-Friday 14.00-15.00 WIB (already finish)

Yoo Min-woo’s (Song Seung Heon) first love was Soh Eun-hye (Shin Ae). No love was greater than the love between these two…until Eun-hye get’s into a car accident. Eun-hye dies…leaving one thing left behind…her heart. Shim Hye-won (Son Yeh Jin) has suffered from a terrible heart disease ever since childhood. Miraculously she finds that she will be obtaining a heart from a donor, Soh Eun-hye.

Suffering from the pain of a heartache, Min-woo goes to Paris to study…the memories of Eun-hye still rest in his heart. When he returns to Korea, fate takes a turn and brings Hye-won and Min-woo together. When the two first meet, Hye-won’s heart (Eun-hye’s heart), oddly beats faster when she is around Min-woo.

Park Jung-jae (Ryu Jin) is Hye-won’s boyfriend. Park Jung-ah (Han Ji Hye) is Jung-jae’s sister and she meets Min-woo in Italy and falls for him…

Hye-won doesn’t know why or what she feels when she’s with Min-woo…and Min-woo feels guilt toward Eun-hye, because the feeling of love rises once again as he continues to see Hye-won…

Cast :
Song Seung Hun as Yoo Min-woo
Son Yeh Jin as Shim Hye-won
Ryu Jin as Park Jung-jae
Han Ji Hye as Park Jung-ah
Shin Ae as So Eun-hye
Jo Eun Sook as Oh Jang-mi
Ahn Jung Hoon as Ji Dae-poong
Kim Hae Sook as Min-woo’s mother

Official Site

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Summer Scent OST

01. Main Title
02. 비밀 - 정인호
03. Missing U - 서진영
04. 어쩌면 - 서진영
05. 여름향기 - 정인호
06. Serenade Inst.(Guitar)
07. Second Romance - 서진영
08. 여름향기 2 Inst.
09. 두 번째 사랑 - 서진영
10. 어쩌면 Inst.(Piano)
11. Serenade - 유미숙(Soprano)
12. 비밀 Inst.(Piano)
13. 두 번째 사랑 Inst.(Piano&Guitar)
14. Love - 서진영
15. 비밀 Inst.(Guitar)
16. 사랑한다면 - 정인호&서진영
17. 여우비 Inst.
18. Love Inst.(Piano&Guitar)


01. Main Title
02. bi mil - Jung In Ho
03. Missing U - Seo Jin Young
04. uh jjuh myun - Seo Jin Young
05. yuh reum hyang gi - Jung In Ho
06. Serenade (Inst.)(Guitar)
07. Second Romance - Seo Jin Young
08. yuh reum hyang gi 2 (Inst.)
09. doo bun jjae sarang - Seo Jin Young
10. uh jjuh myun (Inst.)(Piano)
11. Serenade - Yoo Mi Sook
12. bi mil (Inst.)(Piano)
13. doo bun jjae sarang (Inst.)(Piano&Guitar)
14. Love - Seo Jin Young
15. bi mil (Inst.)(Guitar)
16. sarang han da myun - Jung In Ho & Seo Jin Young
17. yuh woo bi (Inst.)
18. Love (Inst.)(Piano&Guitar)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hometown Legends

Genre : Fantasy, Horror
Also known as : Hometown of Legends, Korean Ghost Stories, Legendary Hometown
Episodes : 8
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World, Wednesday-Thursday 20.00-21.00 WIB

Korean Ghost Stories’ is the typical Korean horror program that still resides in our memories. We all remember the time when we were waiting for the program’s dismal music to begin. This program contains the traditional myths and old folk tales of neighborhood that our grandparents used to tell us. Different from the past, our children are living in a complex world. Nowadays, youngsters enjoy multicultural contents in real time, through internet and mass media. We are living in a culture war that various nations’ cultural products attack viewers through diverse forms, such as novel, movie, drama, etc. This situation is same for summer horror programs. In this hot summer, there are three big reasons why ‘Korean Ghost Stories’ should come back. First of all, the program features Korean traditional ghost tales, which had been a mainstay of summer. Second, our children should watch our own traditional contents, instead of the horror stories from unknown origins. Finally, it’s the return of Korean summer contents with humor, satire, moral lesson, and admirable stories. Keeping the original version’s ancient backdrop, ‘Korean Ghost Stories’ presents a total of eight different episodes with modern plots and original themes.

Episode 1 : Return of the Gumiho
Also known as : Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox / The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox

This tragedy takes place within a household given the curse of the gumiho, or nine-tailed fox. After the curse is given, the family guards their secret over twelve generations and 400 years. Within this family is one girl, played by Park Min-young. In seeming contrast to the somber nature of their family history, she’s lively and curious, and the youngest female in the household. Her older sister, on the other hand (played by Kim Hae-eun), is much more serious, obedient to the cause of hiding the family secret. Her brother (Kim Tae-ho), the eldest grandson in the family (thus its heir) is a thoughtful young man with a particular interest in modern sciences, but when push come to shove he’s a weak person. He does, however, have doubts about the family’s rules.

Cast :
Park Min Young as Lee Myung Ok
Kim Ha Eun as Lee Seo Ok
Kim Tae Ho as Lee Hyo Moon
Choi Dang Suk as Jung Myung
Park Woong as Lee Dae Gum
Jung Jae Soon as Lady Han (Lee Dae Gum’s wife)
Lee Yeon Doo as In Hong
Lee Dae Ro as the Elder
Nam Moon Chul as In Hong’s father
Lee Kan Hee as In Hong’s mother
Hong Yeo Jin as Hyo Moon’s mother

Episode 2 : Baby, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain
Also known as : Let’s Go to The Blue Mountains, My Love / Child, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain

Dang Gol Ne is a sorceress who tells a noblewoman, Yoon, that in order to save her ill child, Young Hwa, she must feed a baby's liver to Young Hwa. She hires Chun Soo, a man who digs up dead corpses to help her find the liver. The baby's mother realizes that she was tricked and goes in search of her baby only to find her child is died. Devastated, she commits suicide. After Young Hwa recovers, strange things start happening. All the while, the mother's ghost is still searching for her baby.

Cast :
Wang Hee Ji as Yoon (Young Hwa’s mother)
Go Jung Min as Kim
Jo Eun Sook as Dang Gol Ne
Ahn Suk Hwan as Chun Soo
Jo Yang Ja as (Han Jin Sa’s housemaid)
Park Hyung Jae as Han Jin Sa (Young Hwa’s father)
Kim So Hyun as Young Hwa

Episode 3 : Curse of the Sajin Sword
Also known as : The Cursed Sword

This story portrays the holy 'Sajin Sword' which involves the royal family that has fell twice into war. Yoon In is a very resourceful detective who is sent to a village to investigate the death of the blacksmith who made the important Sajin Sword. Moo Ryung and Sung Goo accompany him on his journey but they soon start feeling uncomfortable because of the blackened corpses that they find.

Cast :
Choi Soo Jong as Yoon In
Sa Kang as Moo Ryung
Lee Jung as Sung Goo
Park Ha Sun as Hyung Yi
Song Min Ji as Gae Hwa
Song Ok Sook as Gook Moo

Episode 4 : Ghost Letter
Also known as : Your Letter

The king, In Jong, suddenly dies only after ruling for nine months. After his death, a mysterious incident occurs where several deaths occur. Certain people believe that this incident is similar to a popular ghost story called "The Legend of Seol Gong Chan." The former king's childhood best friend, Sa Hyun, is a cold-hearted and righteous prosecutor who tries to figure out the matter of the mysterious deaths.

Cast :
Ahn Jae Mo as Sa Hyun
Kim Young Jae as King In Jong
Kim Jin Tae as Sang Sun
Lee Han Wie as Duk Bae
Lee Duk Hee as Queen Munjeong
Sa Hyun Jin as court lady

Episode 5 : Oh Goo the Exorcism
Also known as : Oh Gu Bachelor Ghost / Young Lord Oh Goo

Min Yoo Rim is a young girl who loves an exorcist, Yoon Ki Joo. But due to an unfortunate accident, she dies. As an exorcist, Ki Joo is able to distinguish between life and death. He arrives at a village in search of Yoo Rim's soul but finds that the village is in need of his help. Just when Ki Joo thought he had lost Yoo Rim, he meets another girl, Lee Chae Ok, who resembles Yoo Rim. Together they try to figure out what is behind the mysterious deaths in the village.

Cast :
Jae Hee as Yoon Ki Joo
Lee Young Eun as Min Yoo Rim / Lee Chae Ok
Jung Eun Pyo as Mak Suk
Kim Hak Chul as Ik Seon
Han Hye Kyung as Yeon Hwa

Episode 6 : Gisaeng House Ghost Story
Also known as : Ghost Story

A gisaeng house, Hwahonuk, fills with the disordered sounds of classical folk music. A powerful man drinks with a friend, but the friend winds up dead, smack in the middle of the house. Rumors spread that it’s the work of the ghost of a disappeared gisaeng who haunts Hwahonuk.

A young man appears at Hwahonuk one day, a pleasure-seeking artist who indulges in food and wine and entertainment. He takes out one of his drawings of a girl, which startles a gisaeng because it bears a striking resemblance to the gisaeng who’d disappeared from the house. That night, the disappeared girl’s corpse is discovered, and a string of deaths starts to be exposed…

Adding to the mystery is the mute keeper of secrets, a maidservant. One gisaeng pays no attention or interest to these bizarre rumors. Another, the mysterious head gisaeng, holds the key to the beginning of all these incidents.

Cast :
Lee Duk Hwa as Kim Won Ik
Yoon Joo Hee as So Wol
Lee Min Woo as Hyo Rang
Kim Kyu Chul as Sa Ddo
Yoo Hye Jung as Mae Hwa
Min Ji Young as Hwa Ran
Jang Chae Woo as Ae Hyang
Ban So Young as Wook Seom

Episode 7 : Demon's Story

A messenger to the underworld (who transports the dead across the divide) comes back to this (living) world and loses his roster of names. The roster is an essential part of the messengers’ work, as it decides who lives and dies. He has to find the list by the time the underworld gates reopen, and eventually hears that the list has somehow made its way into the governor’s keeping. He sets out to recover his list (intending to rob the governor) with the help of a thief whom he’s finagled into assisting him. But things keep getting complicated…

Cast :
Lee Won Jong
Kim Roe Ha
Oh Yong

Episode 8 : Returning Lady
Also known as : Loose Woman

The day of a nobleman’s only daughter Soo-yeon’s (Lee Jin) wedding to the son of a government official, the village is attacked and she’s dragged off by Chinese soldiers. She escapes and returns home, but all that awaits her is shunning and cold neglect from her husband’s family. In the end, her mother-in-law levels a false charge that she’s bearing another man’s child and uses that as an excuse to throw her out, and Soo-yeon returns to her parents’ home.

But her father is lying in his sickbed unconscious, and her illegitimate older brother has taken control of the property and assets. With his own wife having been dragged off to China like his sister, he lives in an unofficial marriage with another woman who helps him procure a poisonous, hallucinatory drug that often leads a sufferer to suicide. Using this drug, he poisons both sister and wife. After dying such unjust deaths, the women become vengeful ghosts who haunt a particular mountain ridge, seducing men and killing them.

Meanwhile, her husband has devoted himself to becoming a royal inspector. As an undercover agent to the king, he is assigned to finding out the cause of all the strange deaths on the mountain pass, where he comes face to face with the ghost of Soo-yeon…

Cast :
Lee Jin as Soo Yeon
Kang Sung Min as Jung In
Lee Ji Hyun

Official Site

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Hello! Miss

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as : Hello! Baby, Hello! My Lady
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : Indosiar, Monday-Friday 16.00-17.00 WIB (already finish)

Lee Soo Ha, 38th granddaughter of the Jae Ahn Lee clan and owner of the clan manor Hwa Ahn Dang, is trying to save the place from going bankrupt. Hwang Dong Gyu, oldest grandson of the president of TOP Group, is trying to buy Hwa Ahn Dang because his grandfather, who was once a servant at the manor, cannot rest in peace unless he spends his last days in Hwa Ahn Dang's master suite. Hwang Chan Min, Dong Gyu's playboy cousin, is his rival in business and love. Enter Seo Hwa Ran, a model who has a secret history with and a secret plan for Hwa Ahn Dang (and Chan Min), and Lee Joon Yong, Soo Ha's brother and Chan Min's friend who can't forget a girl from Hwa Ahn Dang he knew when he was a kid...

This drama is adapted from the novel, "Kimchi Mandu."

Cast :

Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu
Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha
Ha Suk Jin as Hwang Chan Min
Yoon Mi Joo as Suh Hwa Ran
Ryan as Lee Joon Yong
Moon Chun Sik as Jang Dae Ri
Jang Young Ran as Oh Jung Sook
Park In Hwan as Hwang Man Bok
Lee Min as Lee Joon Hee
Park Chan Hwan as Lee Don Kyu (Soo Ha's father)
Choi Soo Rin as Hwang Yoo Il (Dong Gyu's aunt)
Kim Hee Jin as Han Soo Jung (Soo Ha's stepmother)
Kim Hyun Joo as Lee Myung Sook (Chan Min's mother)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Kwak Boo Jang
Jo Eun Duk as Ahn Sang Daek
Park Soon Chun as Hwa Ran's mom
Yeo Woon Kye
Yeo Eun Gi

Official Site


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Hello! Miss/Hello! Baby list OST or OST
01 . Funky Dance !!
02 . Stay by my side
03 . 매일 난.. (Love Theme)
04 . SHE
05 . Round N Around
06 . Hello Beautiful Girl
07 . Moon Sounds
08 . Cuty baby
09 . SHE (Guitar ver)
10 . Fake motion
11 . Funky Dance (Orch ver)
12 . Sunny Day
13 . 매일 난.. (Orch ver)
14 . Romance
15 . Stay by my side (Orch ver)
16 . Winds (Guitar ver)

Lee Soo Ha ringtone

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dal Ja's Spring

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as: The Spring of Oh Dal Ja
Episodes : 22
Aired in Indonesia : not yet (only in DVD)

‘Dalja’s Spring’ is the story of Dalja, a 33-year old single at a crossroad of whether to remain single or get married before she gets older. The drama aims to comically and candidly portray the reality and undying pursuit of romance of a thirty something single woman.

The love triangle of Dalja, Taebong and Gijoong brews conflicts over love versus marriage. Taebong, a hunk six years younger than Dalja, works as substitute dates and becomes Dalja’s fake boyfriend. Gijoong is the type who dreams of an ideal and rational courtship. The drama also highlights the life and work of women in their thirties through Dalja who is a talented managing director at a home shopping channel.

Cast :

Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae Bong
Lee Hyun Woo as Uhm Gi Joong
Lee Hye Young as Wee Seon Joo
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Sae Do
Seo Yeong Hee as Jang Soo Jin
Kil Yong Woo as Kang (Tae Bong's father)
Kwon Ki Sun as Yeong Shim (Tae Bong's mother)
Kim Na Woon as Go Shil Jang (Oh Dal Ja's sunbae)
Jang Young Nam as Uhm Gi Joong's wife
Lee Kyung Jin as Jung Ae (Dal Ja's mother)
Kim Young Ok as Dal Ja's grandmother
Kim Sung Kyum as Tae Bong's grandfather
Oh Kyung Soo as Nam Dae Soo (the department director)
Kim Jae Wook as Choon Ha (Tae Bong's friend)
Seo Yeong as Hong Ji Hee

Official Site


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Dal Ja's Spring List OST or OST or OST

01 . 기적 같은 사랑 ? 이경화
02 . Sweet Lover ? 박혜경
03 . To You Mine ? 펄스데이
04 . 추억을 열다 ? 소연
05 . 내 손을 잡아줘 ? K-Jun
06 . 나쁜 사랑 ? M.R.J (강재혁)
07 . 심장 ? 은영
08 . Impression
09 . Ya-Ya-Ya
10 . 추억을 열다 (Inst)
11 . Lively Breeze
12 . Surprise
13 . To You Mine ( Funky Ver.)
14 . Miracle (Orchestra Ver.)
15 . 너에 기억
16 . 기적 같은 사랑 (Original Ver.)


01. gi juk gat eun sarang - Lee Kyung Hwa
02. Sweet Lover - Park Hye Kyung
03. To You Mine - Pearl's Day
04. choo uk eul yul da - So Yun
05. nae son eul jab ah jwuh - K-Jun
06. na bbeun sarang - M.R.J (Kang Jae Hyuk)
07. shim jang - Eun Young
08. Impression
09. Ya-Ya-Ya
10. choo uk eul yul da (Inst.)
11. Lively Breeze
12. Surprise
13. To You Mine (Funky Ver.)
14. gi juk gat eun sarang (Orchestra Ver.)
15. nuh eh gi uk
16. gi juk gat eun sarang (Original Ver.)