Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wonderful Life

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : Indosiar, Monday-Friday 16.30-17.30 WIB (already finish)

Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bumps into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other's passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end up spending the day together. Both having to deal with love complications, they end up drunk and having a one night stand. Back in Korea, Se Jin discovers she is pregnant and leaves to have the baby alone. A year later, Se Jin's clueless sister ends up spilling the secret to Seung-Wan at his engagement party, showing up with his baby daughter. Seung-wan and Se Jin are then forced to marry by their respective families. Complicated love takes place between Do Hyun, Se Jin, Chae Young and Seung-Wan.
These young and inexperienced parents will show you what true love really means and how they become more mature by overcoming life’s difficulties together and how they complete their love.
The rest of the story revolves around the family's journey in learning to take responsibility, and learning to love each other.

Cast :

Kim Jae Won as Han Seung-wan
Eugene as Jung Se-jin
Lee Ji Hoon as Min Do-hyun
Han Eun Jung as Lee Chae-young
Joo Hyun as Han Bum-soo (Seung-wan’s father)
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Yoon Tae-hee (Seung-wan’s mother)
Kim Hye Ok as Pyo Jae-kyung (Se-jin’s mother)
Choi Joon Yong as Han Seung-pil (Seung-wan’s older brother)
Yoon Hyun Sook as Baek Hyun-joo (Seung-pil’s wife)
Kim Hyo Jin as Jung Il-jin (Se-jin’s older sister)
Kim Seung Min as So Chang-myung (Seung-wan & Do-hyun’s flying school classmate)
Jung Da Bin as Han Shin-bi (Seung-wan and Se-jin’s daughter)

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Wonderful Life OST

01 . 바보 - 박혜경
02 . 조각 - LOVEHOLIC(러브홀릭)
03 . 우리끼리 얘기지만 - Cindy
04 . Oh! My Daring - 강지우
05 . 너라는 걸 - 기후
06 . 바보 (Folk Style) - Marry-M
07 . To be with you - 박채원
08 . 조각 (Classic Style) - LOVEHOLIC(러브홀릭)
09 . 우리끼리 얘기지만 - 정재환
10 . 가나요 - 이윤종
11 . 상상 - 기후
12 . 행복하라는 그말 - 기후 & Cindy


01. babo - Park Hye Kyung
02. jo gak - Ji Sun (Loveholic)
03. woo ri ggi ri yae gi ji man - Cindy
04. Oh! My Darling - Seo Ji Woo
05. nuh ra neun gul - Gi Hoo
06. babo (Folk Style) - Marry-M
07. To Be With You - Park Chae Won
08. jo gak (Classic Style) - Ji Sun (Loveholic)
09. woo ri ggi ri yae gi ji man - Jung Jae Hwan
10. ga na yo - Lee Yoon Jong
11. sang sang - Gi Hoo
12. haeng bok ha ra neun geu mal - Gi Hoo, Cindy