Sunday, December 07, 2008

Worlds Within

Genre : Romance
Also known as : The World That They Live In
Episodes : 16
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World

This drama is about the process of a television drama producton. Jung Ji Oh is a charismatic drama PD whereas Joo Joon Young is a PD who is direct and confident.

Cast :

Hyun Bin as Jung Ji Oh (Director)
Song Hye Kyo as Joo Joon Young (Director)
Uhm Ki Joon as Song Gyu Ho (Director)
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Hae Jin (Rookie Actress)
Kim Gab Soo as Kim Min Chul (Drama Director)
Kim Chang Wan as Park Hyun Sup (Drama CP)
Choi Daniel as Yang Soo Kyung (Assistant Director)
Lee Da In as Kim Min Hee (Assistant Director)
Pan Yoo Geol as Chul Yi (Assistant Director)
Kim Yeo Jin as Lee Seo Woo (Drama scriptwriter)
Bae Jung Ok as Yoon Young (Actress)
Kim Ja Ok as Park Soo Jin (Actress)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Oh Min Suk (Actress)
Lee Ho Jae as (Actor)
Jung Suk Won as Yoo Chi Han (Actor)
Kim Young Kwang as Lee Jae Hwan (Actor)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Lee Joon Gi (Joon Young's ex-boyfriend)
Cha Soo Yun as Lee Yeon Hee (Ji Oh's ex-girlfriend)
Na Moon Hee as (Ji Oh's mother)
Nah Young Hee as (Joon Young's mother)

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Worlds Within OST or OST or OST
01 Lalala…Love Song (Scat Song) - 전유림
02 처음부터 너야 - 김조한
03 연연 - 성시경
04 눈물아 슬픔아 - Soya
05 술래잡기 - 나윤권
06 Lalala…Love song - As One
07 사랑일까요 - Soya
08 Ready action (Instrument) - string arr.류영민 rhythm arr.
DJ EON (porterble groove 09) PIANO 김형석(pd.k)
09 Love theme (Instrument) - string arr.류영민
10 준영 theme (Instrument) - string arr.류영민
11 처음부터 너야 (MR) - 김형석(PD.k)
12 연연 (MR) - 김형석(PD.k)


01. Lalala…Love Song (Scat Song) - Jun Yoo Rim
02. It was you all along - Kim Jo Han
03. Love Love - Sung Shi Kyung
04. Oh, tears.. Oh, sadness - Soya
05. Playing hide-and-seek - Na Yoon Kwon
06. Lalala…Love Song - As One
07. It will be love - Soya
08. Ready Action (Inst.)
09. Love Theme (Inst.)
10. Jun Young’s Theme (Inst.)
11. You from the begining (Inst.)
12. Love Love (Inst.)

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