Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Pitiful Sister

Genre : Romance
Also known as : Big Sister
Aired in Indonesia : KBS World, Monday-Friday 08.30-09.00 WIB

A heartwarming family story unfolds, revolving around the eldest sister who makes sacrifices for her younger sisters. In-ok, the eldest of three sisters becomes the breadwinner of a poverty-stricken family at the age of thirteen when her parents passed away. Despite abject poverty, In-ok is always optimistic and confident, and lives her life to the fullest. Much to her great disappointment, however, she finds that her second youngest sister, In-su, has a baby out of wedlock. After giving birth to a baby girl, In-su leaves for Germany to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, leaving the burden of raising her child to In-ok alone. This is a tribute to every woman in the world who has struggled to endure all hardships and taken good care of family by sacrificing her own life.

Cast :

Jeon Hye Jin as Song In-ok (eldest sister)
Oh Seung Eun as Song In-soo (middle sister)
Jeong Da Yeong as Song In-ae (youngest sister)
Choe Cheol Ho as Hakin (In-ok's boyfriend)
Kim Il Woo as Deoksan (later become In-ok's husband)
Choe Seong Min as Hakgyu (Hakin's brother)

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Song In-ok is the eldest sister. Her mother had passed away while she in the middle of writing contest. She's only 13 years old when her mother gone. Since that she take care of their family, she out from her school and working to feed her sisters.
After married with Deoksan she sell soup.

Song In-sook is the middle sister. She's right on her mother side when she passed away. She feel upset because when their mother dying she only calling In-ok.
Thanks to In-ok, right now she's studying abroad in Germany and later become a doctor.

Song In-ae is the youngest sister. Their mother passed away after born her. So her birthday is the same day as their mother dead memorial.
She's become a very kind and loving girl. She laterly become a teacher.

Hakin is In-ok boyfriend since they in the middle school. Right now he is a doctor. Because of In-ok, he choose to find a job in their village.
Laterly he's back to Seoul and working in a hospital.

Deoksan is Hakin's friend. He married once but his wife already passed away. Since in the middle school he love In-ok but never tell her about his feeling.
Laterly he married In-ok.