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Mom's Dead Upset

Genre : Romance
Also known as : Angry Mom, Mom Has Grown Horns, Mommy's Angry
Air time in Indonesia : KBS World, Saturday-Sunday 18.00-19.00 WIB (already finished)

An honest, hardworking father and a thrifty, selfless mother have lived all their life praying for success and better lives for their children.
When the parents look at their children and the rest of younger generation, who have a strong sense of self, they are disgruntled but envious at the same time.
Under one roof lives two different generations. They present various forms of life and love. They go through big and small events. To watch the analog and digital cohabitation will be amusing to the viewers.
The times have changed and so have the values. Amid such changes, the family love has becomes even more important. The story of this family living today under the same sky will remind us to look back on our family and its happiness.

Chung-bok is the father of Il-seok and Yi-seok.
At a tender age, he started as an apprentice of an ironsmith. He worked as a maker-up and a printer at a local printing shop. Then, he got a driver’s license and began working as a driver. Before retiring, he chauffeured for a businessmen for 25 years. He led an honest life.
He is open-minded and well-versed in current events. He is grateful for his daughter-in-law Han-ja, who sacrificed herself to look after the family. He is closer to her than to his own children.

Il-seok is Na Chung-bok’s eldest son.
He managed to get a high school diploma. He retired after working as a civil servant at the state-run rail corporation all his life.
The man is an epitome of honesty and diligence. He is warm-hearted and gentle. He avoids confrontation at all cost.
To Il-seok, his family is his world and universe. He literally raised his brother Sam-seok, who is 15 years younger than he is. However, Sam-seok doesn’t seem to appreciate his brother’s care.

Han-ja is the wife of Il-seok.
She was born in a poor family. After graduating from the high school, she started as an accounting clerk at a printing shop. At the age of 25, Han-ja married her high-school sweetheart Il-seok, who was her friend Yi-seok’s twin brother. Two years later, she had her first child. All her life, she was busy with the care of her own three children plus her brother-in-law. In addition, she worked part time at a dressmaking shop. A few years ago, she ran a small cosmetic shop but didn’t do well because she trusted people too easily.
She starts to regret how she has lived her life—the life she lived for other but not for herself. She is going through changes, which haven’t surfaced fully yet.
Her only joy in life is reading. Whenever she has a spare time, she reads. Thanks to her extensive reading, she has highly-developed language skills.
She is close to her father-in-law as if he wer her own father.

Yeong-su is the firstborn of Il-seok and Han-ja.She is a divorce lawyer. Due to her profession and her own troublesome marriage, she is naturally cynical about marriage and not up for remarrying. Nonetheless, she is secretly dating a coworker. They are practically living together. He is also divorced and has a daughter.When her mother finds out about her relationship, she faces changes and challenges.

Yeong-il is the eldest son of Il-seok and Han-ja.
Since young, he didn’t like studying. He failed the college entrance exam three times. Then, he decided to do the mandatory military service. Afterwards, he worked as a water purifier salesman.
Now, he runs a drycleaner. Thanks to new high-rise apartments in the neighborhood, his business is booming. He is very social but hot-tempered. He isn’t married yet but has a girlfriend, who is eight-month pregnant.

Mi-yeong is Yeong-il’s girlfriend later they are married.
She had an unfortunate childhood. Her mother remarried leaving Mi-yeon to her uncle’s care. She met Yeong-il when he was in military dispatched to a base in Pocheon. There, she was a waitress. At the time, they were just friends. About the time Yeong-il finished his military service and returned to Seoul, she got a job at a gold club and moved to the city, too.
Two years ago, Mi-yeon and Yeong-il ran into each other in a supermarket where she was working as a cashier. They fell in love. They want to get married but Yeong-il is hesitant to introduce his girlfriend to his parents because she is eight-month pregnant and five years older than he is. After waiting for awhile, she decides to take things to her own hands rather than wait for his move.

Yeong-mi is the youngest of Il-seok and Han-ja.
Since graduating from college, she is working at a large company. She has a boyfriend Jeong-hyeon. She mistakenly thinks he is from a humble family as she is. However, when he takes her to his house to meeting his parents, she is shocked at the size of the house. Then, she tries to break up with him because of the financial gap between the two families. However, Jeong-hyeon doesn’t want to give up their relationship. He persuades her to marry. As they prepare for the wedding, Yeong-mi runs into many difficulties because of Jeong-hyeon’s mother. When the future mother-in-law mistreats her family, she is ready to give up everything. Then, her fiancé leaves his house in protest to his mother. After much turns and twists, they manage to get married. Yeong-mi is still up against the hard-to-get-along mother-in-law.

Yi-seok is a twin sister of Il-seok and is a high-school friend of Han-ja.
After graduating from high school, she learned dress making. She worked at a dressmaking shop and later opened her own shop. However, the shop didn’t do well. She changed the business to an alteration shop. Thanks to her good skills, it was a hit. At the age of 33, she got married through a matchmaking. After ten years, her husband had an affair and fled to the United States. Their only son was a troublemaker. He wasn’t interested in studying. So, she opened a dry cleaner for him, but he wasn’t interested in the business either. He quit the cleaner and moved abroad three years ago. She entrusted the cleaner to her nephew Yeong-il.
She still runs the clothes alteration shop. Maybe because her husband left her for a younger, prettier woman, she is bitter especially toward pretty actresses on television. She has a menacing tongue. She can trash them in a minute. On the other hand, she is a sensitive soul and cries easily over littlest things. However, when she drinks, she is at her worst, quarrelsome self.

Jin-gyu is Yeong-mi’s father-in-law. He is a well-mannered, good-looking gentleman.

He is from a common family nothing to show off except the fact that his father once served as a vice minister. After graduating from college, he worked at the Finance Ministry. Before retiring, he was a bureau chief. He married an only daughter of a wealthy family. It has been his job to manage her family fortune.
He and his wife are very different and have different values. Nonetheless, he is affectionate to her despite her immaturity and stubbornness. Sometimes, he feels empty after living many years to conform to his wife.

Mi-hi is Yeong-mi’s mother-in-law.
She grew up as an only daughter of a wealthy family.
She is helplessly immature and stubborn and does not tolerate any opposition. She thinks her life is perfect with the gentle, good-looking husband and kind-hearted, obedient son. On the outside, she is cultured and graceful. Underneath, she is completely materialistic and gossipy. She is generous to her family and herself but very stingy to others.
Her top concern is her looks. She makes every efforts to maintain her youth and beauty.

Jeong-hyeon is Yeong-mi’s boyfriend and later marries her. He is a doctorate student.
His mother-side family is very rich and of the so-called “high class.” However, he is very critical of his mother’s prejudice, arrogance and double standards. Reactively, he is in love with Yeong-mi, who is overly honest and unprejudiced. His pent-up anger explodes when his mother mistreats his girlfriend Yeong-mi and her family. He decides to be a goody-goody son no more.

Cast :

Shin Eun Gyung as Na Yeong Su
Ryu Jin as Lee Jong Won
Lee Soon Jae as Na Choong Bok
Kim Hye Ja as Kim Han Ja
Baek Il Sub as Na Il Seuk
Kim Jung Hyun
as Na Yeong Il
Kim Na Woon as Jang Mi Yeon
Lee Yu Ri as Na Yeong Mi
Kim Ji Yoo
as Choi Eun Sil
Kang Bu Ja
as Na Yi Seok
Jang Mi Hee
as Go Eun Ah
Ki Tae Young as Kim Jeong Hyeon
Jo Yang Ja
as Jo Yeo In
Kim Yong Gun as Kim Jin Gyu

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Mom's Dead Upset OST or OST or OST or OST
01 . 그대를 사랑합니다 (노래 유승찬)
02 . 엄마가 뿔났다
03 . 사랑하는 나의 사랑
04 . 햇살이 눈부신날에 (노래 유승찬)
05 . 엄마가 뿔났다 (Rumba Version)
06 . My mother
07 . 누룽지 quartet
08 . 그대를 사랑합니다 (Duet 유승찬 & 김신애)
09 . 봄날오후...
10 . 그대뿐이죠 (노래 봉이)
11 . 그대를 사랑합니다 (Radio Version,노래 유승찬)
12 . 나들이
13 . 무한한 사랑
14 . 엄마가 뿔났다 (Slow Version)
15 . 그대를 사랑합니다 (Remix)


01. Geu Dae Reul Sarang Hab Ni Da - Yoo Seung Chan
02. Umma Ga Bbool Nat Da
03. Sarang Ha Neun Na Eh Sarang
04. Haet Sal Ee Noon Boo Shin Nal Eh - Yoo Seung Chan
05. Umma Ga Bbool Nat Da (Rumba Version)
06. My Mother
07. Noo Roong Ji Quartet
08. Geu Dae Reul Sarang Hab Ni Da - Yoo Seung Chan & Kim Shin Ae
09. Bom Nal Oh Hoo...
10. Geu Dae Bboon Ee Jyo - Bongi
11. Geu Dae Reul Sarang Hab Ni Da (Radio Version) - Yoo Seung Chan
12. Na Deul Ee
13. Moo Han Han Sarang
14. Umma Ga Bbool Nat Da (Slow Version)
15. Geu Dae Reul Sarang Hab Ni Da (Remix)