Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cooking Up Romance

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Also known as : Returned Earthen Bowl
Air time : KBS World Monday-Friday, 15.20-16.00 WIB

This daily drama revolves around a family-run restaurant selling Korean traditional beef soup. The restaurant is famous and popular for its delicious dishes. The secret of the success lies in owner Kang’s sticking to the traditional way of cooking the beef soup. But Kang feels depressed when his only daughter says she won’t take over the restaurant. Kang Hyegyeong, the daughter of owner Kang, is an undergraduate student majoring French literature and wants to be a professor. Then, Park Man-bong, a young man with positive and optimistic character comes to work at the restaurant. As time goes by, everyone working for the restaurant shows confidence in Man-bong for his diligence and sincerity. Kim Gwang-ho, is the manager of the restaurant and he’s dying to marry Hyegyeong. But Hyegyeong is not interested in him at all and treats Gwang-ho like her older brother. Gwang-ho feels betrayed as owner Kang trusts Man-bong more than himself. Meanwhile, Hyegyeong slowly falls in love with Man-bong, breaking Gwang-ho’s heart.

Hyegyeong seems incredibly snooty. She's beautiful, isn't afraid to speak her mind, and happens to be the niece of the restaurant's owner! However, what people see on the outside is far from who she really is. She's passionate about many things in life and is really sweet once you get to know her. While she may seem catty with Man-Bong that's only because she just realized herself that she has feelings for him! He always seems to get in trouble...maybe that's why she can't help but feel worried for him...

Man-Bong is a straight-arrow in the sense that he always follows the rules and sticks to his high moral standards. No one really knows about his past except for the few rumors that are going around about how he may be the son of a rich business man! Despite what people may think of him (good or bad), he tries his best at everything he does. As he continues to work at the restaurant, will he grow feelings for Hyegyeong too?

Putting it simply Gwang-Ho is starting to fall for Hyegyeong. Aside from his perfect physique and the usual tall, dark, and handsome characteristics he's loyal, hardworking, and means well. While he starts to fall for Hyegyeong he can't help but be disgruntled at the fact that she isn't interested whatsoever! How will he respond when he realizes who she truly has her eyes set on?

Cast :

Kim Sung Eun as Kang Hye Gyeong
Kang Kyung Joon as Park Man Bong
Jung Min as Kim Gwang Ho
Oh Yeon Seo as Seo Soo Jin
Kim Young Chul as Kang Sa Jang
Lee Il Hwa as Madame Yoon / Yoon Ga Young
Lee Kyung Jin as Kang Ok Ja
Jung Seung Ho as Ahn Dong Pal
Nah Young Hee as Heo Jung Suk
Lee Jung Nam as Yum Gil Soon
Lee Gun as Choi Wan Shik
Kim Eun Jung as Song Yoon Jung
Kang Eun Bi as Han Kye Suk
No Hyung Uk as Kim Jin Sung
Kim Dong Hyun as Jang Soo Gon
Kim Ji Hyun as Kim Mi Soon
Lee Young Yoo as Park Ye Rin
Kim Sung Hwan as Seo Bong Goo
Bang Eun Hee as Go Seon Hee
Park Hae Mi

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